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Thomas Frank

Founder & CEO
I share carefully designed, battle-tested templates for note-taking, tasks, project management, and more


Ultimate Brain Notion Template: Boost Your Productivity with Thomas Frank
Ultimate Brain is a tool that focuses on helping individuals increase their productivity. With Ultimate Brain, users can use Notion to manage their entire lives by capturing notes, ideas, and tasks, setting goals, planning their days, and even managing large projects.
Thomas Frank's Note-Taking System Notion Template by Thomas Frank
This template is based on my custom note-taking system. The Example Note in the Inbox includes instructions on how to use it. For a full demonstration, check out the video on how Thomas Frank organizes his notes with Notion. This template offers a customizable and efficient way to take and organize your notes.
YouTube Creator Companion Notion template - created by Thomas Frank
The Creator's Companion is a template that helps manage YouTube channels and blogs. It was created based on the system used by Thomas Frank and his team to manage their channels, including their main channel which has over 2.4 million subscribers. The template offers various features such as idea capture, topic validation, research and scripting, project management, and a wiki. It also includes tools for managing sponsorships and brand deals, conducting SEO keyword research, creating publishing and editing checklists, and managing repurposed content.
YouTube Creator's Companion
Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank's YouTube Production template on Notion.
The template is designed to make the process of creating and publishing YouTube videos faster and more efficient. Its master database helps users to organize their content and can function as an editorial calendar, while the template also includes checklists for various stages of the video creation process. There are dedicated areas for title and keyword ideas, research notes, and script drafts, as well as an advanced B-roll tracker that allows users to batch tasks for different types of B-roll footage. This can help users to streamline their workflow and create high-quality videos more efficiently.


How to Edit and Format your Text in Notion
Learn how to use Notion's powerful markdown editor for formatting and editing your text. You'll learn some of the most important shortcuts and become a formatting ninja.
Learn How to Build a Habit Tracker from Scratch
A deep dive into the step-by-step process of creating a habit tracker with Notion. Learn how you can create a weekly worksheet to track your habits while watching your progress over time.
How to Track Youtube Stats in Notion with No Code
Learn how to automatically add Youtube stats to your Notion pages with Youtube API and's no-code automator.


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