NotionExtensions is a tool that allows users to sync their Google Calendar events with Notion, and vice-versa. This means that users can easily keep track of their schedules and events in both platforms, without the need to manually enter them in each one.

To use NotionExtensions, users must first connect their Notion and Google accounts. This can be done through the "General settings" and "Google Calendar settings" sections of the tool. Once the accounts are connected, users can choose which calendars they want to sync and specify the sync mode.

There are two sync modes available: one-way (Google to Notion) and two-way (Google to Notion and Notion to Google). In one-way sync mode, events from Google Calendar will be copied to the user's Notion calendar. In two-way sync mode, events will be synced in both directions, allowing users to make updates in either platform and have them reflected in the other.

Users can also specify how far in the future and how far in the past they want to sync events. For example, they can choose to sync events that happen in the next 2 years, and exclude events that happened more than 1 year ago.

In addition to syncing events, users can also choose a Notion database and page template to use for the synced events. This allows them to customize the way the events are displayed and organized in Notion.

NotionExtensions is a useful tool for anyone who uses both Notion and Google Calendar to manage their schedule and events. It saves time and ensures that all events are up-to-date and easily accessible in both platforms.