Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

Founder & CEO


Ali Abdaal's Book Notes: A Notion Template for Organized Learning
Organize Your Book Notes with Ali Abdaal's System. This template includes databases for fiction and non-fiction books, plus a Youtube tutorial to help you get started. Try it out today and see the benefits for yourself.
Resonance Calendar: Notion Template by Ali Abdaal
I use the Resonance Calendar on Notion to keep track of anything that resonates with me. This includes articles, YouTube videos, books, podcasts, and other things I come across in life. It helps me organize and remember the things that are important to me.


How to Build a Second Brain in Notion
Information overload is a thing of the past with an intelligent second brain courtesy of Notion. Learn how to manage information overload by creating your own second brain in Notion in this step-by-step tutorial.
How to Take Notes as a Student in Notion
Ali Abdaal's tutorial about using the app Notion for studying and organization. It discusses the use of the Cornell Note Taking Method and active recall to better understand and retain information. The video also mentions the importance of testing oneself and using spaced repetition to counteract the forgetting curve. The creator suggests using a retrospective revision timetable in Notion to track and space out the repetition of studied material, using a rating system (out of five) to guide decisions on what to study next and when. The video recommends the book "Make it Stick" as a resource on the science of effective learning, and mentions the use of emojis as a rating system in Notion.


Learn everything you need to get started on Notion, from pages, databases while creating a LifeOS dashboard of your own.