Notion Beginners Guide: A Quickstart

A course perfect for beginners of Notion, learn how to create an account, create pages and add advanced elements to your pages.
Course description

Welcome to our course on getting started with Notion! Notion is a popular productivity software that allows teams and professionals to organize a wide variety of projects, events, and more. It is highly flexible and can be used for many different purposes.

This course is designed to help you get set up with Notion and start using it on a daily basis. We will cover topics such as creating a new account, creating pages for work and personal use, adding advanced elements, and demonstrating a full set-up dashboard. Please note that this is the basics course, and a more comprehensive course is available here.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of Notion and be ready to use it to improve your productivity and organization. Let's get started!

Course outline

I. Trailer | Welcome to Notion (1:06)

II. Creating your Notion account (5:33)

III. Setting up your Home page (13:20)

IV. Craft your pages inside of Notion (12:53)

V. Layout your Dashboard (5:13)

VI. My Notion Set-up | Guide (6:47)

VII. Congratulations, you did it! (0:55)

VIII. Welcome to Part 2: Notion Intermediates (1:07)

IX. How to Create an Inbox with Notion (3:27)

X. How David Pierce manages his life with Notion (12:56)

XI. How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion (17:17)

XII. How to Apply Boards, Tables & Calendars (5:06)

XIII. How to Create Template Buttons (10:06)

XIV. Sharing Pages & Locking Pages (5:46)

XV. Customising Font, Layout and Look of Pages (3:05)

XVI. How to Master Gallery View for Recipes, Journals & Projects (12:08)

XVII. 23 Notion Tips, Tricks and Hacks (9:00)

XVIII. How Much Time Should I Spend On Notion? (7:44)

XIX. How Teams Use Notion: Arcade (36:17)

XX. The Issues of Notion - 6 Major Flaws (10:46)

XXI. How Kylie Stewart Uses Notion (2:01)

XXII. How Daniel Eckler Uses Notion (26:25)

XXIII. Gamify Your Notion: Advanced Toolkit (43:03)

XXIV. Creating PARA in Notion (29:01)