Notion for Students: Organize your Academic Life

Notion for Students
Course description

Welcome to the course on using Notion to organize your academic life and apply effective study techniques! In this class, we will cover everything you need to know about Notion from a student perspective. If you are new to Notion or have limited knowledge of it, we will start with the basics, going through all of the features it offers one by one.

In Part One, we will focus on building an academic system in Notion. We will learn how to create individual classes, track assignments, make a revision timetable, and create quick links. We will also walk through a step-by-step process for building these systems so that you can follow along with your own Notion account.

In Part Two, we will cover using the toggle feature and advanced math and chemistry notation. You will have access to a link to my student template and a cheat sheet for math and chemistry notation in the "Projects & Resources" page so that you can get your system set up immediately and have a reference when using math or chemistry notation.

By the end of this class, you will have set up your academic system in Notion, gained the knowledge needed to understand and use the app efficiently as a student, and learned how to apply the two most effective study techniques to your studying with Notion.

Course outline

I. Introduction (3:31)

II. Basics (10:46)

III. How to Create & Organise Your Classes (4:49)

IV. How to Keep Track of Your Assignments (10:41)

V. How to Create a Revision Timetable (Spaced Repetition) (6:41)

VI. How to Create Quick Links (4:09)

VII. How to Use the Toggle Feature (Active Recall) (6:26)

VIII. Math Notation (9:18)

IX. Chemistry Notation (9:56)

X. How I Use Notion for my Academic Life (12:06)

XI. Conclusion (1:41)