Master Notion: Beginner to Advanced

Learn to use Notion to organize personal and work life with tools.
Course description

In this course, you will learn how to set up and connect databases and pages in Notion to create your own powerful information management tool. With Notion, you have the ability to build your own tools and processes for staying organized, just like I did as a busy entrepreneur and freelancer who couldn't find an out-of-box solution that fit my needs. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to create these systems for yourself. Many people who have downloaded my Notion templates have requested a course like this to take their usage of the platform to the next level and truly harness its power. Thank you for considering my course.

Course outline

Section 1: Preview (4 lectures)

  • Preview lecture 1
  • Preview lecture 2
  • Preview lecture 3
  • Preview lecture 4

Section 2: Creating a Task Manager (5 lectures)

  • Intro to creating a Task Manager
  • Setting up a Task Manager
  • Adding additional properties to a Task Manager
  • Creating views for a Task Manager
  • Bonus lecture on Task Manager

Section 3: Creating a Project Manager (4 lectures)

  • Intro to creating a Project Manager
  • Setting up a Project Manager
  • Creating views for a Project Manager
  • Bonus lecture on Project Manager

Section 4: Creating a Contacts Manager (4 lectures)

  • Intro to creating a Contacts Manager
  • Setting up a Contacts Manager
  • Creating views for a Contacts Manager
  • Establishing relations in a Contacts Manager

Section 5: Creating a Calendar (4 lectures)

  • Intro to creating a Calendar
  • Setting up a Calendar
  • Creating views for a Calendar
  • Establishing relations in a Calendar

Section 6: Page Templates (4 lectures)

  • Introduction to page templates
  • Creating Task & Project page templates
  • Creating Contacts & Calendar page templates
  • Bonus lectures on creating page templates for Contacts Manager and Project Manager

Section 7: Assigning Tasks, Connecting Contacts & Calendars, and Styling Pages (4 lectures)

  • Assigning tasks to projects
  • Connecting contacts and calendars
  • Styling pages in Notion
  • Bonus lecture on thoughts on design and styling

Section 8: Creating a Notion Dashboard and Concluding Thoughts (2 lectures)

  • Creating a Notion dashboard
  • Concluding thoughts and bonus lecture