William Nutt

William Nutt

Founder & CEO
Founder of http://nutt.io. Evangelist of @NotionHQ via http://notion.vip.


Notion A to Z template by William Nutt
Notion A-to-Z is a comprehensive guide to mastering the Notion platform. The program includes interactive lessons and resources, and is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest developments in Notion.
Notion A to Z
William Nutt
William Nutt's Bulletproof Workspace Notion Template
The Bulletproof Workspace uses Notion's powerful combination of databases and documents to create a sophisticated framework for productivity. Drawing from proven methodologies, this tool is adaptable for any team or individual and can be used to manage any type of information. With the Bulletproof Workspace, you can take control of your workflow and get more done in less time.
Bulletproof workspace
William Nutt


How to Use Zapier to Automate Your Notion Workspace
Start automating your Notion workspace with the power of Zapier automations. Get an overview of Zapier and ideas on what you can automate in your Notion workspaces.
Simple and Useful Formulas in Notion
Don't let Notion's formula property be daunting, this tutorial walks you through the basics of Notion formulas and how to use them in your Notion workspaces.
A Look Into Notion's Comment Feature
A look into Notion's comment feature, now you can add personal comments and notes with fellow teammates.
An Overview of Synced Blocks in your Notion Workspace
Sync blocks enable you to easily place identical blocks and groups of blocks throughout your Notion workspace.
Notion API Debut Introduction
An introduction to Notion's long awaited API and different use cases in which you can utilize Notion's API to increase the possibilities of your Notion pages.
An Overview of Notion Workspace User Types
An overview of the various types of user roles that you may deal with in Notion. Learn how owners, admins, members and guests work within Notion.


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