Beginner Notion: Crash Course to Notion Mastery

Master Notion in this step-by-step course for beginners. This simple crash course will have you using Notion like a pro.
Course description

This Notion course is designed for anyone who manages their notes in multiple places and is tired of the constant searching, forgetting tasks, and missing deadlines. Notion is an all-in-one solution that can be used for personal and professional management, including knowledge, tasks, and projects. It can accommodate individuals, freelancers, and large teams of hundreds of members. The course, which is suitable for absolute beginners, will teach you how to build your own Notion system, use thousands of free templates, connect with third-party apps, set up customized boards to manage your processes, and supercharge your Notion with widgets and apps. It is a 2-hour course, and if you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days. This course is suitable for private individuals, project managers, process managers, team leads, and anyone looking to add structure to their work, tasks, or projects.

Course outline

Section 1: Introduction

  • Preview

Section 2: Getting Started

  • Create your first page
  • What is a Notion block?
  • Text blocks made simple
  • Create simple lists and toggles
  • When and how to use a table

Section 3: Managing Pages and Databases

  • Maintain pages with ease - use synched blocks
  • Embed additional content seamlessly
  • Setup your first Database
  • Manage data and use templates
  • Basic properties of your Database
  • Enhance your Database with advanced properties
  • Own your Database with formulas
  • Create an own look - Database views
  • Database view settings
  • Your turn!

Section 4: Customizing Your Notion Experience

  • Style your text
  • Setup your page
  • Page Settings
  • Notion instead of mails - communicate within Notion

Section 5: Advanced Features and Certification

  • Unlock the next level with App connections
  • Add Widgets to your site and build beautiful dashboards
  • Website? Surveys? Make your site top notch!
  • Find and sell templates with Marketplaces
  • Get Notion Certified
  • You made it!