Notionlytics is a tool that provides page analytics for Notion workspaces, allowing users to see who views their Notion pages, when they do it, and more. It offers features such as page views and sessions tracking, location tracking, and engagement analysis, and can be integrated with platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Notionlytics is a tool that allows you to track and analyze the usage of your Notion pages. With Notionlytics, you can see how often your pages are viewed, where your users are located, which pages are the most engaging, and more. You can also connect your Notionlytics data to popular analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for further targeting and analysis.

One of the key features of Notionlytics is its speed. It takes less than 100ms to get a response from the API, ensuring that you have real-time access to your data. Notionlytics also has a single endpoint, which means you can get all the data you need from a Notion page with a single API call. This makes it easy to track and analyze your data without having to worry about multiple API calls or complicated setup.

Notionlytics is also designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. No coding or design skills are required to set it up, and the process only takes a few minutes. You can easily install trackers onto your Notion pages and start receiving data in real-time. You can then explore the collected data on your Notionlytics dashboard, which provides a variety of reports and allows you to switch between different time periods to identify trends.

In addition to its basic tracking and analysis features, Notionlytics also offers a range of advanced options. You can customize the look and feel of your data with the ability to adjust precision, change between daily and weekly aggregation, and more. You can also make your pages public or private, and the API automatically detects the type of page and returns the relevant response. This makes it easy to track and analyze data from a variety of different sources, whether you're using Notion for personal projects or for professional purposes.