Getting Things Done: Life Planning with Notion

Learn how to use Notion to increase productivity, organization, and goal focus.
Course description

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that helps you stay organized, focused, and productive. With features like task management, note-taking, and project management, Notion is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for organizing your life. In this course, you'll learn how to use Notion to improve your personal productivity and create a personalized Getting Things Done system. Whether you're new to Notion or already familiar with it, this course has something for everyone. You'll find tips, templates, and ideas for using Notion to transform your productivity and manage various aspects of your life. The course includes templates for a life productivity system, project and goal management, task management, travel planning, and more. If you're interested in learning more about Notion and how it can help you become more productive, this course is for you.

Course outline

Section 1: Introduction to Notion

  • Lecture 1: Preview
  • Lecture 2: Notion Pricing
  • Lecture 3: Navigating around Notion
  • Lecture 4: Pages in Notion
  • Lecture 5: Blocks in Notion
  • Lecture 6: Example Page: Travel Plan
  • Lecture 7: Introducing the Notion web clipper

Section 2: Collaboration and Features in Notion

  • Lecture 8: Sharing and Collaboration in Notion
  • Lecture 9: Dates and Reminders in Notion
  • Lecture 10: Creating template buttons
  • Lecture 11: Windows shortcuts for Notion
  • Lecture 12: How to use Notion Quiz
  • Lecture 13: Mass updating/deleting database entries

Section 3: Using Databases in Notion

  • Lecture 14: Database Example: Meal Planner
  • Lecture 15: Creating a database - Weekly Meal Planner

Section 4: Productivity and Planning with Notion

  • Lecture 16: Creating a life productivity system
  • Lecture 17: The Life Success Planner Template
  • Lecture 18: Life Vision and Areas
  • Lecture 19: Life Goals
  • Lecture 20: Project Management
  • Lecture 21: Task Management
  • Lecture 22: Tracking habits and recurring tasks
  • Lecture 23: Notes and Knowledge Management
  • Lecture 24: Weekly Reviews and Journals

Section 5: Conclusion and Additional Resources

  • Lecture 25: Notion Resources and Templates
  • Lecture 26: Capture - Using Notion as an inbox
  • Lecture 27: Clarify
  • Lecture 28: Organize in Notion
  • Lecture 29: Reflect in Notion
  • Lecture 30: Engage in Notion
  • Lecture 31: Conclusion