Notion 101 Course: Organize Your Work and Life Creatively

The perfect course to learn how to use Notion creatively and effectively in your work and personal life. The course is a blank slate that allows you to create your own structure for your needs.
Course description

Welcome to our course on using Notion creatively to organize your life and work! Notion is a powerful and flexible app that allows you to build your own structure in virtually any way you can think of. In this course, we'll cover the fundamentals of Notion and show you how to use its foundational features to master the application.

We'll start by creating our first page with components and gradually move on to more complex features such as databases. You'll learn how to use Notion as a foundation for using your imagination and building the things you love on your computer. The structure of this course is designed so that you can take one lesson per day for seven consecutive days, which will help you absorb the information more effectively and avoid cramming knowledge.

Some of the concepts we'll cover in this course include creating a page and basic elements, nesting pages, links, and backlinks, styling pages, databases and properties, database views and linked views, and templates.

This course is suitable for anyone who has no experience with Notion or anyone who already uses the app but is looking for new ideas and inspiration. If you're interested in learning new ways to organize your life and work and structure it all in a powerful cloud-based application, then this course is for you. So join us and start mastering Notion today!

Course outline

I. Introduction (2:10)

  • Overview of the course and what you can expect to learn

II. Class Project (0:40)

  • Introduction to the class project and what you will be working on

III. Day 1 - Pages & Basic Elements (9:34)

  • Introduction to pages and basic elements in Notion
  • Creating a page and adding basic elements such as text and images

IV. Day 2 - Nesting Pages, Links, Backlinks (7:40)

  • Introduction to nesting pages and using links and backlinks
  • Nesting pages and creating links and backlinks within your Notion workspace

V. Day 3 - Styling Pages (7:01)

  • Introduction to styling pages in Notion
  • Tips for styling pages and making them visually appealing

VI. Day 4 - Databases & Properties (9:22)

  • Introduction to databases and properties in Notion
  • Creating and using databases and properties in your Notion workspace

VII. Day 5 - Database Views & Linked Views (9:54)

  • Introduction to database views and linked views in Notion
  • Using database views and linked views to organize and filter data in your Notion databases

VIII. Day 6 - Templates (5:40)

  • Introduction to templates in Notion
  • Tips for using templates to save time and streamline your workflow

IX. Day 7 - Conclusion (1:21)

  • Recap of the key concepts covered in the course
  • Next steps for using Notion effectively to organize your life and work