Rich Peterson

Rich Peterson

Founder & CEO
Running a business growth agency that helps 6-8 figure service-based businesses to audit, improve and grow their business.


Event Planning: Notion Template by Rich Peterson
This event planning template is designed to help you plan and run your next event more efficiently and effectively. With dozens of deadlines and details to track, it can be easy for something to slip through the cracks and put your event at risk. Using an event planning template set up in Notion can help you keep all of your event planning information in one place, so your team can stay organized and productive. This is a much better solution than using multiple tools or a detailed event planning spreadsheet.
Rich Peterson's Podcast Production: A Notion Template for Streamlining Your Episodes
This template is designed to help streamline the process of producing ongoing podcast episodes. By providing a consistent structure for recording and editing, it can help reduce the time spent configuring software and allow users to focus more on the interview process. The use of templates allows for the creation of consistently high-quality episodes without added effort.
Free Agency Talent Management Notion Template by Rich Peterson
This template is designed to help organizations manage their internal directory of talent, freelancers, and contractors. It can be used to easily match the right individuals with the right projects, and can also help facilitate skill development within the organization. The template is suitable for fast-moving agencies in various fields, including advertising, digital marketing, social media, and public relations. It is particularly useful for project managers, talent managers, and other individuals who are responsible for allocating resources to projects.
Client portal Notion template by Rich Peterson
This template from another company can help you manage your agency or freelancer clients effectively and keep them informed about progress on their projects. Share this page with your clients so they can always access the most important information. The template includes: A team contacts section so your client knows who to contact about different topics. A build progress section to provide a simple status update so clients can check the progress at any time. This section also includes status notes for additional details. Discovery, deliverables, and asset sections to help you organize and share important information with your clients.
Rich Peterson's Brand Audit Checklist Notion Template
A helpful tool for reviewing and improving your company's brand is [Product Name]. This template includes sections for analyzing your core brand identity, verbal brand identity, and visual brand identity. By completing these sections, you can identify your brand's strengths and weaknesses and take action to improve it. The template is dynamic and reusable, so you can use it again in the future if needed. It also makes it easy to keep all branding team members informed of your findings and any action items that need to be addressed.
Consulting CRM template by Rich Peterson
This template can help you save hours of time and effort in building your own customer relationship management (CRM) system. It eliminates the need for you to set up databases, select categories, and link everything together manually. With this template, you can run your business using Notion as your CRM, and keep all your information and data organized in a single, easy-to-use platform. This means you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars per year on CRM software.


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