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August Bradley

Founder & CEO
Life-enhancing systems for those who feel they’re not progressing. Identify and achieve what matters most to you through the practice of Life Design.


Action Zone Task/Project Manager: Notion Template by August Bradley
These Notion templates are part of a comprehensive performance system designed to improve the lives of individuals and teams. The creator of the system has been teaching it for years, and has seen it enhance the lives of many people. Notion empowers the system in a way that no other software has been able to, making it even more effective and user-friendly. By using these templates, users can implement the system in their own lives and see the benefits for themselves.
Free goal project tasks Notion template by August Bradley
The Life Design Studio's Goal-Project-Tasks template was created by August Bradley to help align daily actions with long-term aspirations. This template allows you to connect your overarching goals to specific projects, and then break those projects down into granular tasks. The template uses Notion's relation feature to link data between tables, so you can easily see how your daily tasks contribute to your higher-level goals. This can help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards your aspirations.


Advanced Notion Formulas & Rollups for System Automation
An advanced deep dive into leveraging roll ups and formulas to automate your Notion workspaces.
Create a Book Reading Database in Notion
Learn how to create and organize a reading database in Notion. This tutorial covers creating a book vault that allows for hierarchical highlighting, and unique database views to enhance functionality.
Implementing Systems Thinking into Your Notion Templates
If you aren't utilizing a systems thinking methodology in your Notion workspaces you're makings things complicated. Learn how to think with a systems mindset to create better Notion workspaces.
Utilizing Timelines for Projects in Notion
A deeper look into how to utilize Notions timeline database view and it's relationship with project management and task management.
How to Set Goals in Notion with Goal Outcomes and Value Goals
A deep dive into goal setting with Notion through connecting daily actions with the higher level goals and aspirations. August Bradley teaches you how to keep a systematic approach towards keeping goals and staying on track.
Better Project Management with Task Status in Notion
Maximize your project management in Notion by using task statuses. This allows you to change a status indicator for tasks to enable unloading all ideas for future tasks and staying on top of active projects.
Monthly Reviews with Notion
A deep dive into monthly reviews with Notion, a fundamental process to the Notion Life Operating system with August Bradley.
Creating a Bullet Journal in Notion
Journaling helps you focus your energy and free your mind of excess. Learn how to enhance your Notion life dashboards with bullet journaling by August Bradley.
Creating Stringed Dependent Tasks in Notion
Learn how to create dependent tasks in the Notion task database that allows for master and sub tasks or parent and child tasks. This allows for sequential chained tasks found in other popular to-do applications but can now be created within Notion.
Understanding Systems Thinking with Notion
An overview of the benefits of using Notion for your business and personal life through the idea of systems thinking.


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