Notion Team Management: Getting Things Done with Teams with Notion

Learn from an expert on the best way to get work done with your teams with Notion.
Course description

The course titled "Using Notion to Manage Your Business and Projects" is designed to help individuals and teams overcome common challenges related to managing their business and projects. These challenges may include feeling overwhelmed by the tools they use, not being able to see progress or next steps, struggling to align tasks with goals, lacking clear processes, and having meetings that do not produce clear outcomes. This course teaches participants the A-to-Z system for configuring Notion to work with teams, including organizing core systems into shared databases and connecting tasks, actions, projects, and team members to higher level objectives and goals (OKRs). It also covers simpler, distributed team-based project management, including managing projects and products with assigned tasks in sprints, tracking tasks assigned to others, and managing large tasks and deliverables across time zones and geography. The course also covers managing backlogs, sprints, and velocity, as well as visualizing progress with OKRs and real-time status reports. Through this course, participants will be able to build an all-in-one solution using Notion to manage their business and projects more effectively, get more done, and do it together as a team.

Course outline

I. Introduction

  • Preview
  • Preview

II. The Wiki

  • The Wiki

III. Configuring Personal Dashboards

  • Configuring Personal Dashboards

IV. Templates

  • Task, Support, and Meeting Templates

V. Project Management

  • Epics
  • Managing Projects
  • Teams PTOs and Queues
  • Setting Up Planning & OKRs
  • Velocity Tracking
  • Managing Sprints

VI. Meetings

  • Weekly Meeting & Sprint Planning Overview
  • Morning Review
  • Weekly Velocity Meeting

VII. Other Topics

  • Why Timelines are not Ideal for Now
  • Next Steps & Thanks
  • The New Timeline