Blocs for Notion is a tool that helps you build better habits with beautiful widgets. It's visually appealing and versatile, with a range of options to choose from. Try Blocs to improve your productivity and focus on Notion.

Are you looking for a way to build better habits and stay organized on Notion? Blocs is a tool that can help you do just that, with beautiful widgets that are easy to use and visually appealing.

Blocs was founded by Moniet Sawhney, who wanted to cut down on digital noise in his life by bringing all of his productivity apps into one place – Notion. And now, with Blocs, you can do the same.

One of the benefits of Blocs is its analytics feature, which allows you to track and view your habits and progress over time. You can see how much time you've spent on a particular activity, and set goals to help you stay on track.

Another advantage of Blocs is its Pomodoro feature, which lets you time-box any activity and gain insights about how you're spending your time. And with the Habit Tracker and Water Tracker widgets, you can motivate yourself to stay on track and keep your streaks going for as long as possible.

Overall, Blocs is a powerful tool for building better habits and staying organized on Notion. With its analytics, Pomodoro, Habit Tracker, and Water Tracker widgets, it's a versatile and visually appealing tool that can help you improve your productivity and focus. So, if you want to build better habits and stay organized on Notion, give Blocs a try.