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Freelancer dashboard
Stay on top of your workload with this powerful tool that allows you to manage your projects, tasks, and clients. Easily generate invoices and track your progress to gain valuable insights into your work. Streamline your workflow and keep everything organized with this versatile tool.
Freelancer dashboard
Cockpit Life OS
This product is a template that helps users to organize various aspects of their lives, from finances to notes, all in a single, easy-to-use page view. Some key benefits of this template include its simple layouts and minimal aesthetics, which make it easy for anyone to use and navigate. Additionally, the template is designed to help users gain mental clarity and stay productive and organized on a daily basis. By using this template, users can say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a happier, more organized life.
Aesthetic self care planner
This Notion template is a self-care planner designed to help you organize your life and prioritize your well-being. It features a 30-day Gratitude Challenge, as well as spaces for planning daily self-care, medical and wellness appointments, skincare routines, and more. Stay on track and live a healthier life with this easy-to-use planner.
Minimalist aesthetic dashboard
This product is best suited for fresh graduates and career professionals. It features a job application tracker where you can upload your targeted resumes and cover letters. It also has task boards for career professionals to track their tasks and a timeline to view deadlines easily. The weekly planner page includes a task board, habit tracker, and calendar for easy viewing of personal and work obligations.
Aesthetic personal finance
The Personal Finance Tracker Notion template is a straightforward and user-friendly tool for tracking accounts, income, savings goals, and expenses. It offers a simple way to manage your personal finances.
Aesthetic travel planner
Notion offers a comprehensive travel planner template to help you plan and manage any trip. From creating an itinerary to booking flights and hotels, this template provides an up-to-date travel log and stores all your travel documents in one convenient location. This template includes daily itinerary, things to do and see, a travel planner, documents list, packing list, research on accommodations, tours and transportation, a travel bookings hub, traveler information database, travel insurance tracker, and a travel journal. Use this template to make your next trip easier and more organized.
Aesthetic personal planner
The Notion personal planner is a neutral-colored tool designed to assist you in managing your time, achieving your goals, and staying on top of your priorities. This planner can help you keep track of your daily schedule, finances, and to-do lists, among other important tasks. Its aesthetic design makes it a pleasure to use.
Aesthetic freelancer pro
Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and use this Aesthetic Notion Freelance Business Template to create and organize your entire freelance business. This template allows you to keep track of clients and projects, as well as manage your business finances and marketing efforts. Streamline your freelance business with this comprehensive and organized template from Notion.
Aesthetic watercolor planner
This aesthetic Notion personal planner template is an all-in-one solution for managing your time, staying organized, and achieving your goals. This watercolor-themed planner allows you to keep track of your essentials, including To-Do lists, notes, daily schedules, and finances. Use this template to stay on top of your personal life and achieve your goals. The planner includes a finance tracker, goal tracker, habit tracker, and note taker.
Rames freelancer dashboard
This template is designed to help freelancers manage their projects, events, and content. It also includes databases for tracking finances, storing quotes and proposals, and managing client relationships. It offers a comprehensive solution for freelancers to manage their work and clients.

Welcome to our Notion Aesthetic templates category! Here, you will find a variety of templates built by other designers that you can use to create and manage your aesthetic-themed pages within Notion. These templates are designed to help you keep track of your mood boards, color schemes, and other important details.

Our Notion Aesthetic templates range from simple, one-page layouts to more comprehensive templates that include multiple pages and features. Whether you're a designer looking for a way to organize your inspiration or a blogger looking for a tool to manage your content, you'll find a template that fits your needs.

Each template in this category has been created by a fellow Notion user and has been tried and tested by others, so you can trust that they will help you create and maintain an aesthetic-themed page efficiently and effectively. Simply browse through the templates, select the one that best suits your needs, and start using it right away! With our Notion Aesthetic templates, you can stay organized and inspired.