Notion Project Management: Use Notion to Manage your Projects

This course covers how to become a project management God with Notion. Includes a full template and insights on project management with Notion.
Course description

Welcome to the course on creating a project management tool in Notion for free! This tool has the capability to update online and on mobile, and it is fully customizable and very powerful.

In this course, you will receive a full template for free, as well as insights and support on basic project management use. We will also cover a brief overview of template methods and how to edit them. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Notion to create a project management tool that meets your needs and helps you stay organized.

Course outline

I. Initial Introduction to Project Management on Notion (4:03)

II. Pre-Planning and Goal Setting (9:23)

III. Project Planning and Using the Timeline (10:43)

IV. Updates, Meetings, and Communications (10:25)

V. Lessons Learned and Ending Summary (12:55)