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Advanced Notion Formulas & Rollups for System Automation
An advanced deep dive into leveraging roll ups and formulas to automate your Notion workspaces.
The Ultimate Notion Task Manager Build
A step by step in depth process to creating the ultimate Notion task manager. Follow along Better Creating as they create a task manager that covers weekly reviews, tasks, project pages and more.
Complete Goals Faster with this Notion Priority Tracker
Learn how to build a priority tracker in Notion from the ground up. This enables you to achieve your goals faster by focusing on the most impactful tasks first.
Simple and Useful Formulas in Notion
Don't let Notion's formula property be daunting, this tutorial walks you through the basics of Notion formulas and how to use them in your Notion workspaces.
An Overview of Synced Blocks in your Notion Workspace
Sync blocks enable you to easily place identical blocks and groups of blocks throughout your Notion workspace.
A Look Into Notion's Comment Feature
A look into Notion's comment feature, now you can add personal comments and notes with fellow teammates.
How to Build a Bookmark Manager in Notion
Build a better bookmark manager in Notion with this step-by-step walkthrough by Carter.
How to Use Zapier to Automate Your Notion Workspace
Start automating your Notion workspace with the power of Zapier automations. Get an overview of Zapier and ideas on what you can automate in your Notion workspaces.
Implementing Systems Thinking into Your Notion Templates
If you aren't utilizing a systems thinking methodology in your Notion workspaces you're makings things complicated. Learn how to think with a systems mindset to create better Notion workspaces.
A Deep Dive into Thomas Franks Notion Workspaces
Thomas Frank is one of the most popular Notion Youtubers, here's a deep dive into how Thomas uses Notion and ideas on how you can implement those ideas into your own Notion workspace.
How to Build a Second Brain in Notion
Information overload is a thing of the past with an intelligent second brain courtesy of Notion. Learn how to manage information overload by creating your own second brain in Notion in this step-by-step tutorial.
Create a Book Reading Database in Notion
Learn how to create and organize a reading database in Notion. This tutorial covers creating a book vault that allows for hierarchical highlighting, and unique database views to enhance functionality.
How to Add Themes to Your Notion Workspace
Learn how to implement Notion Enhancer for your Notion workspace and browser. This allows you to utilize custom, browser based themes for your Notion application.
An Introduction into Databases in Notion
A brief introduction into utilizing database views within Notion. Learn the various customization options of Notion databases within your Notion workspace.
The Easiest Way to Create Charts in Notion
Learn how to easily add charts to your Notion pages with NotionCharts by William Nutt.
How to Use Time Blocking in Notion
An overview of how to use time blocking in your Notion pages. A walkthrough of how to setup your own time blocking template with Notion.
How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion
Are you curious on how you can create a bullet journal in Notion? This tutorial covers the step-by-step process of how to create a Bullet Journal in Notion.
Getting Things Done in Notion: Creating a Task Management in Notion
Reduce confusion and task overwhelm with the Getting Things Done philosophy in Notion. Learn how to manage your tasks & projects with this Notion system.
How to Manage Complex Projects in Notion Easily
Project management in Notion doesn't need to be difficult, especially if you understand the fundamentals of Notion to build a reliable system. Learn how to easily organize your complex tasks in Notion.
How to Easily Add Columns in Notion
A look into how to easily make columns and sections in Notion. The simple and easy way without any sort of confusion.
Learn how to Connect Tools to Notion
Learn how you can connect integrations to Notion via Notions API in this tutorial. This allows you to keep your Notion's updated in near real-time with third party tools.
34 Unique Tips and Tricks in Notion
A jam packed tutorial with 34 essential tips and tricks for how to supercharge your experience in Notion from Carter Surach.
How to Build a Knowledge Base in Notion
A tutorial that walks you through how to build a knowledge base for students and companies. You'll learn how to connect databases with relations and make the connections work better for you.
How to Use PARA to Organize Your Notion Workspace
Learn how to utilize the PARA method within your Notion workspace with this tutorial by Marie Poulin.
How to Set Goals in Notion with Goal Outcomes and Value Goals
A deep dive into goal setting with Notion through connecting daily actions with the higher level goals and aspirations. August Bradley teaches you how to keep a systematic approach towards keeping goals and staying on track.
How to Create a Family Tree in Notion
Learn how to use Notion to create a family tree using relations, timelines and databases. Red Gregory does an excellent job of explaining how to create a family tree with Notion in this full tutorial.
Creating an Annual Review in Notion
Annual reviews are incredibly important to your success and reviewing what worked and what didn't. Here's a walkthrough of how to create an annual review for yourself and utilizing Notion to keep everything organized and on track.
Creating a Bullet Journal in Notion
Journaling helps you focus your energy and free your mind of excess. Learn how to enhance your Notion life dashboards with bullet journaling by August Bradley.
Notion API Debut Introduction
An introduction to Notion's long awaited API and different use cases in which you can utilize Notion's API to increase the possibilities of your Notion pages.
Guide to Using Notion's Progress Slider Bars
Notion's native progress bar adds nice aesthetic functionality to your Notion pages. Learn how to utilize formulas like slice, datebetween and format to make it even better.
How to Create a Blog in Notion with Super
Learn how to easily create your blog on Notion with Super. A step by step walkthrough of how to setup your databases in Notion and get started blogging with
Creating a Notes Dashboard in Notion
Learn how to create a Notion note taking dashboard that allows you to excel as a student. An easy way of adding notes to quickly capture ideas and study material while making it easy to find and search for in the future.
Building a Notion Tracker in Notion
A step by step tutorial on how to track your finances and create a budget with Notion. An easy walkthrough by Red Gregory that covers how to track personal cashflow with the relevant formulas while automatically calculating balance from income and expenses with proper roll ups and relations.
Creating Stringed Dependent Tasks in Notion
Learn how to create dependent tasks in the Notion task database that allows for master and sub tasks or parent and child tasks. This allows for sequential chained tasks found in other popular to-do applications but can now be created within Notion.
How to Change Your Divider Colors in Notion
A tutorial on how to create colored Notion dividers to create even better aesthetically pleasing Notion projects.
How to Use Synced Blocks in Notion
An overview of what synced blocks are in Notion and how to use them with your Notion projects.
An Overview of Notion Workspace User Types
An overview of the various types of user roles that you may deal with in Notion. Learn how owners, admins, members and guests work within Notion.
Connecting Zapier and with Notion API
Learn how to utilize third party tools like Zapier and to add data to your Notion's via the API. This tutorial walks through how to add Gumroad sales automatically to your Notion site and pages.
How to Build a Help Center in Notion
A dead simple tutorial on how to create a help center in Notion. The tutorial covers sharing, editing pages and building a help center for your company with Notion.
Utilizing Timelines for Projects in Notion
A deeper look into how to utilize Notions timeline database view and it's relationship with project management and task management.
How to Create Recurring Tasks in Notion
Learn how to create a simple, recurring task in Notion in this tutorial. Notion's new update allows for you to create recurring tasks and even templates.
Better Project Management with Task Status in Notion
Maximize your project management in Notion by using task statuses. This allows you to change a status indicator for tasks to enable unloading all ideas for future tasks and staying on top of active projects.
How to Build an Easy Subscription Tracker in Notion
Red Gregory walks us through how you can setup a subscription tracker in Notion using formulas, databases and more.
Building a Personal CRM with Notion
Learn how to build meaningful relationships with a personal CRM in Notion. A personal CRM helps remind us to check in with people we care about and helps us remember important facts about them and their life.
Plan, Organize and Create Youtube videos While Staying Organized with Notion
Learn how Jules Acree plans and organizes Youtube content ideas with Notion.
How to Organize Notes in Notion with Automated Tags
Learn how to supercharge your note organization of your knowledge base in Notion with automated tags, showcasing formulas to count relations and a small overview of parent-child relations.
Monthly Reviews with Notion
A deep dive into monthly reviews with Notion, a fundamental process to the Notion Life Operating system with August Bradley.
Manage your Time Better with Notion
Learn how to use Notion for task management using the principle of batching tasks based on context utilizing David Allen's Getting Things Done.
Understanding Systems Thinking with Notion
An overview of the benefits of using Notion for your business and personal life through the idea of systems thinking.
Minimal Personal Notion Dashboards for 2023
Simon gives us an in depth tour of his updated Notion setup dashboard template, including progress reports, habit tracking and much more.
Spaces Repetition Formulas in Notion
Learn how to utilize spaced repetition in your Notion templates working with date properties and relevant formulas to get everything to work properly.
Digital Planning & Goal Setting in Notion 2023
Achieve all of your goals in 2023 with this digital planning and goal setting tutorial with Notion. Learn how to set intentions, create and categorize goals, set deadlines and more.
How to Use Notion Formulas in Your Notion Templates
A deep dive into how to use Notion formulas in your Notion templates to create advanced templates that cover if statements, task management, rollups and more.
Creating Native Progress Bars in Notion
Follow along as Red Gregory explains the latest Notion progress bar feature that allows you to easily add progress bars and circular progress indicators to your Notion pages.
Create a Language Learning Schedule in Notion
Learn advanced language learning techniques with Notion from Jusuf. Understanding the importance of simplicity and consistency while breaking down language learning into easily digestible blocks.
Notion Your Way To-Do List Dashboard
Carter Surach helps you build a to-do Notion dashboard framework for note-taking, task management and goal tracking.
How to Build a Travel Planner with Notion
A tutorial of how to organize and plan your trips with Notion. Tips & tricks to easily replicate how Francesco organizes his trips with cover photos, itinerary and important documents.
How to Take Notes as a Student in Notion
Ali Abdaal's tutorial about using the app Notion for studying and organization. It discusses the use of the Cornell Note Taking Method and active recall to better understand and retain information. The video also mentions the importance of testing oneself and using spaced repetition to counteract the forgetting curve. The creator suggests using a retrospective revision timetable in Notion to track and space out the repetition of studied material, using a rating system (out of five) to guide decisions on what to study next and when. The video recommends the book "Make it Stick" as a resource on the science of effective learning, and mentions the use of emojis as a rating system in Notion.