Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin

Founder & CEO
Taming work/life chaos with @Notionhq


Planning Templates Notion Template by Marie Poulin
Notion's visual tools make it easy to track progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This helps me plan new goals and ensure that my projects and outcomes align with my goals and the skills I want to develop. It has never been easier to stay mindful and focused on my progress.
Marie Poulin's Weekly Agenda Notion Template: Plan Your Week with Marie Poulin
I use this as my weekly planner and rely on it daily. On Sundays, I fill in all my meetings and obligations and then keep track of tasks as the week progresses. I really appreciate having a digital "week at a glance" view.
Wordle Tracker: Marie Poulin's Free Collaborative Notion Template
This is a fun, collaborative tool that allows you and your team (or family/friends) to track your Wordle scores together. The tracker automatically calculates average scores each day, and provides two simple databases for easy tracking: a calendar of daily Wordles, and a board view of Wordle results grouped by player. This is a great way to stay motivated and compete with one another in a fun and engaging way.


How to Use PARA to Organize Your Notion Workspace
Learn how to utilize the PARA method within your Notion workspace with this tutorial by Marie Poulin.


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