Queue is a Twitter scheduling tool that allows you to schedule tweets and threads directly from Notion. It allows you to see a preview of your tweets in Notion, create a content calendar to see your published and scheduled posts in one place, and set a posting schedule to have Queue automatically pick the best time to publish.

Queue is a Twitter scheduling tool that allows users to schedule and publish tweets and threads directly from their Notion workspace. With Queue, users no longer have to switch between tools or copy and paste content, as everything can be managed within Notion.

One of the key features of Queue is the ability to see a preview of tweets and threads as they are being written, ensuring that they will look good and not exceed the character limit on Twitter. Users can also create and schedule threads using a variety of Notion blocks, including texts, images, GIFs, lists, to-dos, and bookmarks.

In addition to scheduling tweets and threads, Queue allows users to connect to any databases and views they are using in Notion, creating a seamless integration with their existing workflow. It also offers a content pipeline feature, allowing users to build a content calendar and track their progress from idea to publication. Finally, Queue keeps a copy of published posts within the user's Notion workspace for easy reference.

Overall, Queue is a powerful tool for streamlining the process of scheduling and publishing content on Twitter, all within the convenience of the Notion workspace.