Second Brain in Notion: Maximize Mental Clarity & Your Productivity

The Second Brain is a perfect memory system so that you never forget anything again. Learn how to manage the constant flow if information and reach peak productivity.
Course description

In this course, you will learn about the concept of a "second brain" and how it can help you to improve your creativity, productivity, mental clarity, and ultimately your success in life. You will learn about the systems that can be used to create a second brain, including note-taking apps. You will also learn how to set up a second brain from scratch and see what a second brain looks like after years of use. The course will cover weekly and monthly reviews and provide tips for making it all work. This is a very detailed and in-depth class, based on the ideas in Tiago Forte's book on the subject.

Course outline
  1. Introduction (4:19)
  2. What is a Second Brain? (3:08)
  3. CAPTURE: Keep What Resonates (6:18)
  4. ORGANIZE: Save for Actionability (1:31)
  5. PARA (2:09)
  6. Projects (2:24)
  7. Areas (2:36)
  8. Resources (1:49)
  9. Archives (2:57)
  10. How to Organize Captured Notes (Example) (9:35)
  11. What My Second Brain Looks Like (8:49)
  12. DISTILL: Find the Essence (6:17)
  13. EXPRESS (1:41)
  14. Review (2:31)
  15. Your Immediate Action Steps (2:05)
  16. Class Project (1:30)