Notion Habits & Goals: Personal Development with Notion

Learn how to become more productive with Notion. Create a habit tracker, daily planner, goal setting page and more!
Course description

Welcome to this course on optimizing your life with Notion! Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of apps and tools you're using to try and improve your life? Are you tired of managing multiple habit tracking systems, physical journals, and planners, and still feeling like you're not making progress? This course is here to help.

In this class, you'll learn how to use Notion to build a simple, yet powerful system for managing your habits, planning your days, setting and tracking goals, taking and organizing book notes, and storing your ideas. We'll cover how to use Notion's intuitive tools to create a system that works for you, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start making progress towards your goals.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their lives and accomplish more, and is ready to streamline their tools and systems to do so. If this sounds like you, I'm excited to get started and help you optimize your life with Notion!

Course outline

I. Introduction (2:33)

  • Course overview and objectives
  • Instructor introduction

II. Create an Account (2:14)

  • Setting up a Notion account
  • Tips for choosing a username and password

III. Habit Tracker (9:34)

  • Setting up a habit tracker in Notion
  • Tips for tracking and maintaining habits

IV. Daily Planner (5:57)

  • Setting up a daily planner in Notion
  • Tips for planning and organizing your day

V. Goal Setting (5:28)

  • Setting up a goal-setting page in Notion
  • Tips for setting and achieving goals

VI. Book Notes (4:39)

  • Setting up a database for book notes in Notion
  • Tips for taking and organizing notes

VII. Ideas Notebook (4:54)

  • Setting up an ideas notebook in Notion
  • Tips for capturing and organizing ideas

VIII. Class Project (0:34)

  • Overview of class project
  • Instructions for submitting project

IX. FB Group (0:13)

  • Introduction to the course Facebook group
  • How to join and participate in the group

X. The End! (1:46)

  • Course wrap-up
  • Next steps and resources for further learning