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The Notion Club Twitter community is an unofficial group of over 4,500 members who are fans of the productivity platform Notion. It is a place for users of all levels, including beginners, advanced users, creators, and developers, to connect and share their experiences with the tool.
Notion Architects is an unofficial Twitter community of over 1,800 members who are passionate about using the productivity platform Notion. The community is focused on helping users improve their skills, share template blueprints, and solve problems together. It is a place for novice and advanced users alike to ask questions and learn from each other.
This Twitter community is a place for Notion users to connect and engage with one another. It is an unofficial group, but has over 2,200 members who love to share their experiences and knowledge about the productivity platform. If you are a Notion user looking to connect with others and learn more about the tool, this community is a great resource.