The Top 5 Notion Mood Trackers & Journals

Our top 5 Notion mood trackers and journal templates to improve mental health and self-awareness.
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Mood tracking and journaling can be incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to better understand, and track their emotions and behaviors. Not only can it help to identify patterns and triggers, but it can also serve as a tool for self-care and self-improvement. If you're looking to start mood tracking or journaling, Notion is a fantastic platform for this. Not only does it offer a variety of templates and customization options, but it also allows for easy organization and accessibility.

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top mood trackers and journal templates for Notion. We'll delve into the benefits of mood tracking and the importance of journaling, and what these templates in Notion may offer.

First and foremost, mood tracking and journaling can help to identify patterns in your emotions and behaviors. By consistently documenting how you're feeling and what may have contributed to those feelings, you can begin to understand what triggers certain emotions and how to manage them. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with mental health issues, as it can provide insight into what may be causing certain symptoms.

Notion's mood tracker templates offer a number of different options for tracking your mood. Some templates allow you to track your mood on a daily basis, while others allow for weekly or monthly tracking. Many of these templates also allow for the inclusion of notes or notes on what may have contributed to your mood. This can be incredibly helpful in identifying patterns and triggers.

Journal templates in Notion can also be incredibly helpful for those looking to better understand their emotions and behaviors. These templates allow for the documentation of daily events, thoughts, and feelings. This can provide a more in-depth look at what may be contributing to your mood and can serve as a tool for self-reflection and self-improvement.

Notion's journal templates offer a variety of customization options, including the ability to add tags, attachments, and even emojis to better reflect your mood. They also offer the option to schedule daily or weekly prompts, encouraging consistent journaling and helping to keep you on track.

In conclusion, mood tracking and journaling can be incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to better understand their emotions and behaviors. Notion offers a variety of templates and customization options to help make this process as easy and effective as possible. Whether you're looking to track your mood on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or want to document your thoughts and feelings in a more in-depth manner, Notion has a template for you.

Stoic life OS

This workspace is a comprehensive tool for managing your entire life using the principles of stoicism. It includes over 25+ templates, all designed to simplify and improve your daily routine. You can use it to track and organize all of your important information and tasks in one place, and easily access everything you need to lead a virtuous and fulfilling life.
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Aesthetic self care planner

This Notion template is a self-care planner designed to help you organize your life and prioritize your well-being. It features a 30-day Gratitude Challenge, as well as spaces for planning daily self-care, medical and wellness appointments, skincare routines, and more. Stay on track and live a healthier life with this easy-to-use planner.
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Sobriety hub

Quitting addictions can be difficult, but this dashboard is designed to make the process easier. It provides a better overview of your progress and the consequences of relapsing, to help you stay sober in the long run. This tool is designed to help you overcome your addiction and make lasting changes in your life.
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Happiness Bar Journal

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Enhancing your daily self-reflection routine can be challenging. That's why Frances Odera Matthews, the founder of The Notion Bar, developed an in-depth journalling template to help you get started. This template includes self-care tips and a "Happiness Station" for when you're feeling down. Use this template to simplify your daily journalling and begin your journey of self-improvement.
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Bullet journal

This digital bullet journal allows users to track tasks, collections, and dates, among other things. By watching the accompanying video, users can gain a better understanding of how to use this template effectively.
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