Nochart is a tool that allows you to turn your Notion databases into actionable insights through interactive and customizable charts. With Nochart, you can easily embed your charts on any page, whether it be public or private.

One of the unique features of Nochart is its ability to use artificial intelligence to generate chart ideas for you based on your data. This can be especially helpful if you're not sure what kind of charts would be most useful for your particular dataset.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Nochart also allows you to create charts using human language. This means you can simply tell Nochart what you want to see, using phrases like "I want to sum Earnings per customers," and Nochart will do the rest.

Overall, Nochart is a powerful tool that can help you make the most of your Notion data by turning it into meaningful and informative charts. Whether you're a business owner looking to analyze financial data or a student trying to track your study habits, Nochart has you covered.